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About Us

Professional Study


Since 2004 Professional Study has been dedicated to the task of providing quality, convenient, and low cost training to building inspectors and construction professionals.

Our Origin

Professional Study is a private company not affiliated with The Division of State Architect or the State of California, International Code Council and founded by independent Certified inspectors tired of the difficulties associated with finding adequate training materials and instruction targeted toward the various inspector and special inspector certifications that are part of the industry now.


Payment can be made online by credit card or by mail with a check. Payment in full will be required before the start of the course. Professional Study is a service of 3K Building Services, Inc.


Once you have completed the enrollment form there will be a grace period of 24 hours in which you will be allowed access to the course materials and exams. If the student does not continue with the course for any reason simply email us at and your tuition will be refunded in full . If you have ordered a plan reading course and plans have already been shipped the refund will be for the full amount minus $40.00 shipping and handling.


Payment for any course entitles you to 60 days of unlimited access to the course for which you have enrolled. If you do not complete the course in the two month period or if your exam date is later than the two month expiration date you may request an extension. Any additional time to be granted will be at the sole discretion of Professional Study.

The instructor may also grant you additional time if you are having difficulty achieving a passing score on an exam after presenting a copy of the rejection letter from the exam.

Additional time will be granted at the sole discretion of the course instructor at the time of request from the student.

Access is granted on the condition that the Paying student is the sole user of the materials and exams provided here. In addition special permission will need to be obtained for access from multiple locations.


A course renewal fee will be charged in order to access the study materials beyond the time of the original 60 day subscription and any approved extensions on access. Extensions of time will not be granted beyond the longer of 60 day and subscription or your exam date.

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