International Code Council Preparation

International Code Council Certification

International Code Council:

The International Code Council is a private organization of building officials, engineers, architects, and other code professionals dedicated to publishing model codes and standards that are used by various cities, counties, and states around the country to develop the legal building codes in their jurisdictions.

International Code Council Certification:

ICC offers certifications to individuals who have demonstrated knowledge of the code and plan reading materials that will be necessary to interpret and enforce the requirements of the model code.

Certification is obtained by applying and then successfully completing the certification testing examinations developed by ICC.

ICC offers Certification programs for Contractors, Building Officials, and Inspectors among others.

Value of ICC Certification:

Many Cities, Counties, and States require ICC and/or other certification as a pre-requisite to licensing or advancement in work related to code enforcement. Therefore, ICC Certification can represent a significant leg up to individuals seeking advancement in the code enforcement and construction industries.

Types of Certifications:

There are many types of ICC Certifications available. However, at Professional Study, Inc. we have identified the certifications that are of most value to inspectors and code officials and which offer the greatest chance of career advancement.

Building Inspector Certifications:

Special Inspector Certifications:

Application Process:

Who can apply

  • There is no experience requirement or prerequisite for the certification exams. However, the exams are not easy and successful completion is not very likely without previous knowledge or study.

How to apply for an exam

What to expect:

  • Online

  • Plan Reading

  • Code knowledge


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