Desktop vs Mobile

With an ever growing percentage of browsers on mobile devices having a responsive site in this day and age is a necessity not a luxury.


Our System

Convenient Home Study Program:

  • More than 1000 practice questions and exams
  • Printed companion reference for easy reference
  • Construction Mathematics review
  • Contractor startup forms package

Comprehensive Study Courses Delivered Online

Background and General Knowledge:

  • Each course that we provide has a full complement of background and study materials Highlighted and code excerpts and commentary.
  • Code summaries and additional materials explaining how the codes work and what to expect.
  • Quick reference guides.
  • Complementary tabs with purchase of reference books through Builder's Books

Convenient and Cost Effective Delivery:

  • We have invested heavily in a suite of software and technical features that will make your online learning experience both convenient and effective.
  • Practice Exams:
    1. Students are able to study hundreds of practice questions from various reference materials.
    2. Practice vs. Exam Mode allows students to test their abilities in both timed and untimed environments to measure their strengths and weaknesses and increase their proficiency.
  • Flash cards:
    1. Our flash card system allows students to memorize hundreds of pieces of information.
    2. Students are able to prepare their own flash cards as well allowing them to customize the program to fit their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Detailed Feedback:
    1. All of our practice exams provide students with feedback allowing them to research the code and plan reading materials to become familiar with navigating the required materials as well as learning the facts.
  • Live Chat Capability:
    1. Students are able to chat live with instructors and other students to ask questions and solicit advice during office hours.
  • Live online Workshops: (Plan reading)
    1. Students are able to contact a live instructor via our video conferencing technology and receive real time instruction and help without the expense and time required to travel to a live course location.

  • Online

  • Plan Reading

  • Code knowledge


"This program saved me thousands of dollars. I did not have to travel down south to take a course"

Steven Egerly, Juno, Alaska.

"I was skeptical at first but I found that the system really did help me pass my masonry exam, thank you"

Bryce Domsley, Vallejo, Ca.

"Passed my exam with flying colors, even though I had hardly any field experience. Now I’m making much more money. It was a great investment."

David Park, Demarest, NJ.

"You can't beat the price and convenient. I just couldn't travel 2 hours back and forth after work. If I had not done it online I wouldn't have been able to get my reinforced concrete ticket. I would recommend it to anyone"

Michael Ramirez, California City, Ca.